Crossing out the word "just" empowers you to trade an apology for who you are for courage. And when you pack your courage you are free to go anywhere, create anything.



Courage is a muscle I must MOVE to strengthen. Only when I'm afraid can I be brave. When I grab my courage and step up to being me, I empower others to do the same. How can crossing out the word "just" lead me to freedom AND heal the world? Watch the video + see.

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I, , AM much more than my worst mistake, my deepest shame or my shaky knees. I'm beautiful + the best! I LOVE BEING ME. And I love you for BEING you. I vow to help others tie their courage capes + fly hand-in-hand full fear ahead!

Together we will LIFT the world.

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Want something? Being Me is a 6 week, one-on-one coaching program designed for all you creatives, makers, artists, activists, movers + dreamers that are looking for a personal trainer for  your creative ideas, projects + life. If you want to make something happen but always seem too stuck to do it ("just one more episode..."), this is for you. Can you do it without a coach? Yes. Can you do it without a group behind you? Sure. But, now, you don't have to. 



The Gratitude.