Open A New Door

Ideas are nudges form beyond (you can define “beyond” anyway you like). Clues as to where our next step might be placed. Sometimes you need to open another door to hear what your idea is saying. 

The past two years I’ve been getting still + listening to the little curiosity bug that kept pulling at my shirt hem at this dismay of my community. Because in order to hear what that lil’ guy was saying, I had to close the doors to my beloved theatre company. Though I miss my theatre troupe daily, I know in the long game, I’m giving my young company an example of what it’s like to listen to your gut + go make it happen. As much as I love the theatre, the sets, the costumes, the seats, the music, the words, the silences what I truly loved about Theatre was providing a space for myself, my designers, my actors to follow their creative impulses. Trusting your instincts was the foundation of our creative process. Being kind when they landed + laughing when they didn’t. Exploring clearer choices, working together and honoring our kindness Queen, we stepped through door after door of possibility.

Listening to my instincts was harder than I thought. “Practice what you preach” became my daily mantra. This website, the movement, my programming are all a product of closing one door and pushing open another. Both are part of the same house. All doors lead to me.