Being Me Stories

This weekend I was covered in goosebumps as I watched my Facebook and Instagram news feeds explode with “just” being me stickers. Red, black, blue. Black, blue, red. Over and over. Some changed their profile pic. Others posted personal pics. Stories after stories appeared of people doing what made them feel true to themselves without apology.

“I’m not going to apologize for posting so many live videos today of my kids. I’m proud of them,” exclaimed Being Me Movement Ambassador and Musical Director Aeshly.

“I’m so nervous doing this but I’m doing it anyway,” Vicky, Jess and Jamie exclaimed as they posted their live videos about the movement.

Then there was the private messages that flooded in from strangers and friends. So many stories. So many pledges to clean up their negative self talk.

Instagram took on a life of its own. So many people challenging friends to write their stories. Such courage to write about yourself in the first place and add to that inviting your peers to do the same. My heart felt like it might explode into a million balloon hearts.

I received original songs (“this is me being me)  from someone whom I had no idea was a songwriter. A beautiful being me self portrait from another beautiful soul. Such a creative way to tell their story!

My favorite thing about life are our stories. When I was a kid, I loved peering in people’s windows. Has anyone else done this? I loved making up a scene about who or what I saw inside. Every night when my head hit the pillow, I was eager to lie there and dream. I thought it was so cool that in my mind I could go anywhere I wanted! Be anything I wanted to be!

It’s not a coincidence that the Being Me Movement social media takeover happened on a long weekend where we’re celebrating Reverend Dr. Martin Luther King Junior. Dr. King told a story. “I have a dream…” he spoke to the story of what he knew life could be.

He taught me to tell the story I want to see. And through experience, I know small story changes lead to big things.

The Being Me Movement is one of those small story changes that I think could lead to something big.  I believe when we give ourselves the space, the questions, and the silence to listen to our inner voice (our truth) and own that voice with courage our shaky knees become manageable, our racing heart begins to beat a steady song, and we feel good “being me.” From this state, we’re the light to help others find the same.

Everyday, I tell myself the story that I am me and I can be the me I dream! No matter my circumstance, I can follow my truth by paying attention to what I say.

“Sometimes to get to two, you gotta start with one,” means one way to get to world peace, is to find inner peace one being at a time.

That’s what I think today. But, it’s only Monday. Who knows what I will learn the next few days!

{just}Being Me, V