Walk With Me


Here’s a brief list of some amazing humans that I love checking out.

  1. runningmyselftogether.com

In her teens, Maria performed with my theatre company + it’s been a gift to watch her become a successful young woman. She bravely writes about her eating disorder + how running has helped with her mental health. Seeing inside this beautiful (on the inside + out) woman’s heart and getting a glimpse of what it is like to walk (or run) a mile in her shoes is nothing short of inspiring.

2. Max Lugavere

I don’t know Max personally but I’ve written him so many times, I may be on his stalker list! But, I don’t care. He stumbled into my life when I was dealing with my father’s diagnosis of Alzheimer’s (after burying my paternal grandmother with dementia) and gave me tips, tools, and the latest science which left me feeling in control of my gene destiny. Learning about my gut/brain link in a FUN way seemed impossible until Max. He has a documentary coming out called Bread Head (which I would die and go to Earth heaven if I was able to attend the premiere so somebody please tell him I’m really great + not a stalker). He hangs out on Instagram, Instagram Stories, Facebook + Twitter mostly with the occasional Snap Chat. He’s a great story teller, musician, “leading health science communicator,” and he is pretty easy on the eyes (oh boy, am I stalking him?)

3. dorianrocksfit.com

If you live in NYC, go take a fitness class from this bad*ss! Go drool at her lifestyle on Instagram. She may look like all sass but this gal’s heart is first class. I’m blessed to have been trotting all over NYC with her in our 20’s + to have obliques thanks to her.

4. Seth Godin’s Blog

If you’re in theatre you know that what you learn through a rehearsal process about the show pales in comparison to what you learn about yourself, humanity, life. Seth’s marketing advice reminds me of that. He reminds you to notice + then go “do something remarkable.”

5. Feminist Fight Club

From their website: “It was a fight club. But without the fighting and with the men.” Their website also  says: “Part manual, part manifesto, Feminist Fight Club blends the personal story of a group of women who formed a secret group in New York City with cutting edge social science research to provide practical, no-bullsh*t advice for how to combat today’s sexism.” Jessica Bennet is the author of the book. They have a great IG account full of original illustrations and history. Men need not be afraid (unless they are buying the book- it’s 21 percent more expensive for men).

6. Podcasts I love or that have been recommended to me:

School of Greatness with Lewis Howes (former pro-football player turned Life Style Entrepreneur); On Being with Krista Tippet (food for your soul); Still Untitles: the Adam Savage Projects; 99 Percent Invisible; How I Built This (NPR podcast that Kyle says, “is really, really, really good); Ted Radio Hour

7. Kate Hudson on SnapChat (because I get to see Goldie Hawn drinking coffee or dancing in her living room). Also, Shay Mitchell is always going away somewhere beautiful.And she’s beautiful and can someone hook me up with her hair + make-up crew. Also think she uses snapchat in cool ways. I like learning from her!

8. When I Grow Up Coach

My first roommate in NYC turned out to be a lifelong friend + several years ago he met Michelle Ward, married her and she changed his life forever. The bonus: I got a new friend too. Not only that, but she’s my coach. Oh yeah, coaches have coaches too because we know they work.

9. Hope &  Things

Months ago I coached a musician named Justin Bartlett. Now he has a new EP he’s working on, going on tour with Strangers By Accident, performing at SXSW, and gigs in Boston and beyond. He is one of my favorite people on the planet + if you go see his show tell him Miss Vic said she loves him.

10. Lin Manuel Miranda

Follow @Lin Manuel Miranda on Twitter because he is the 2017 version of Shakespeare. I’m not kidding. Last year he blew up Broadway + beyond with Hamilton the Musical but he is so, so much more than that. #loveisloveisloveisloveislove