hashtag sorry not sorry

Things I am NOT sorry for:

  1. Valuing creativity over money.
  2. Accepting money for my talents and skills.
  3. Having a messy bedroom floor.
  4. Adding half and half to my Kalita Brazil.
  5. Thanking the clerk for their patience while I dig out the nickel (and a few crumbs) from the bottom of my bag.
  6. Asking for a tampon.
  7. Using the word tampon.
  8. Taking care of my energy.
  9. Not caring what other’s think of me.
  10. Being human.

Things I AM truly sorry for:

  1. Not learning my late grandfather’s secret to growing the perfect tomato.
  2. If I unintentionally made anyone feel lower than me.
  3. Hurt people that hurt people.