His Honest Heart

Meet Lee. Lee has a neurological disability acquired from a trauma at birth. Over the Being Me Movement takeover, he wrote to me details of his story and how much the movement means to him.

Because of his disability, a career as an actor seemed impossible due to his spacial deficit (as a kid he would freak out if the lights were off, something that happens a lot in the theatre, because he has no perception of where things were in the space). He went from being told he would barely be able to read + write to graduating from Niagara University (with me!) with a degree in Theatre as well as being on the deans list several times and acting in several productions in and post college.

Today, I’m proud to introduce to you our newest Being Me Ambassador Lee.

During our conversation he said, “…(my disability) has come w/ many years self esteem issues etc. But i have learned to accept myself , quirks, things i can & can’t do ( like i can’t drive (because) of the spatial) and all + am finally comfortable in my own skin and would love to help others with this.”

His favorite role now is of a husband and father. He is much more than his disability. And now he’s adding an Ambassador to his list of things that make Lee “Being Lee!”

He wasn’t sure if he should do a video, but I assured him that the one person that needs to hear his story will not care about the quality of the filming, only the honesty of his heart.