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Vic+Co. – Hillary

Vic+Co. provides a community that, quite frankly, is hard to find after college.
It cultivates an environment of positive energy and habits that sets students up for success.
If you are a dreamer, a procrastinator, a self-doubter, if you need a boost to break bad habits and create solid new ones, if you are ready to get rid of your excuses and limiting beliefs in order to chase down your goals, The Being Me Program and specifically, Victoria, are for you. I finished the program with a novella manuscript.
That absolutely would not have happened without this adventure with Being Me.
Update on Hillary post the Being Me Program:
Hillary sent her manuscript to an editor that she found through Victoria. She is finishing up grad school. She also stepped into courage and reached out to writer Steve Hamilton. The exchange produced a relationship and internship where she helped market and organize the South Hampton Theatre Conference. While there, Joy Behar requested Hillary read a part in her play (even though Hillary was there as a writer) saying to Hillary, “You’re a fabulous actress.” Proof that when we step into who you are fully, the world opens its doors for you! Look for Hillary in your local bookstores soon. She’s going places!