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Vic+Co. – Jessica

“I know 100% I would have zero percent done without The Being Me Program.”

One-on One Coaching with Victoria Buda (who I like to call Miss Vic) is the smartest decision I have ever made. I was feeling lost and unmotivated to achieve any day to day goal, let alone a large scale goal that I had been putting off into a corner of my mind. I told myself that if I didn’t try, there would be no possibility of disappointment if my goal wasn’t achieved. Because of Vic+Co. and The Being Me Program, in just 8 weeks, not only did I face my fears and achieve two huge goals I have always wanted to do, but I learned some of the most valuable life lessons along the way.

I was terrified.

When I first told Miss Vic that I couldn’t decide between two goals, she said that I would be able to do both. Even more room for disappointment. She proved to me that my fear was even more of a reason to do this and I am so happy I did and beyond grateful for this opportunity.
My first goal was to start a free children’s theatre program in Niagara Falls, NY. This was no easy task. I had a great deal of limited beliefs throughout. “I’m not good enough,” “what if no kids show up,” “I’m bad at advertisement,” “I don’t have time.” All BS.

Miss Vic taught me how to reframe those beliefs and see them in a new, positive light.

After breaking my goal up into smaller goals, the task became more and more achievable in my mind. I learned about the importance of scheduling, and how to face my procrastination head on.

I can proudly say that I have created a free Children’s Theatre Program called Page to Stage.

I found a space, advertised, signed up the kids and offered my program! I have already begun rehearsals and have been able to see the benefits this program is having on the kids. My goal was to make this opportunity available to kids who needed it. Niagara Falls has many low income families looking for supportive spaces for their children to learn and grow outside of school and this program provided just that- a safe place to express themselves and have fun while doing it.

I have set myself up for success!

My second goal was to get hired in New York City in a children’s theatre. I am currently in the process of applying to many theatres after making countless connections over the past 8 weeks. I was able to meet with teachers in NYC and was introduced to people who are willing to help me get a job and perhaps even hire me themselves! My resumé and cover letter are complete and I am certain I will have a job by the time I move. Originally I had planned on waiting to find work in my field and take some time for myself. This, again, was out of fear. I now know what I am capable of and I don’t want to miss a beat of this amazing thing called life. All thanks to this program!
I believe that the Being MeProgram is for everyone.

If you have a goal and are willing to put the work in to achieve it, The Program is for you. I think the fundamentals taught in the One-on-One Coaching can be applied to any goal that any person has. You learn to hold yourself accountable and stop your limited beliefs or at least recognize them when they show up. Once I stopped spending so much time limiting myself, I was opened to a world of possibilities.

“I know 100% I would have zero percent done without The Being Me Program.”

My limited beliefs would have taken over. I wouldn’t have had that extra push I needed to reach my full potential. I would have put it off and told myself it would be easier to go about my life without worrying about achieving my goals. And why? Why wouldn’t I pursue the things I want?

Because of this program…

I am changing the lives of children who need theatre in their community.

Because of this program…

I am setting myself up for success in the future so that I can continue to change the lives of at risk youth through theatre.

Because of this program…

Because of this program I know what I need to do in order to achieve any goal I want to achieve.

Because of this program I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.

Thank you, Victoria Buda. My life has been changed for good.

Update on Jessica’s Life as a member of Vic+Co. post The Being Me Program:

Jessica’s children put on an original version of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream to a packed weekend audience. She also received glowing recommendation letters from her parents which will help her as she continues to do this in NEW YORK CITY!

She moved to New Jersey to be close to the city and used all that she learned in The Being Me Program to cloak herself in courage, walk into a local library and offer her programming for the kids of New Brunswick, NJ. When at first met with resistance, she did’t give up. She pushed harder.There is now a wait list to get into Jess’s theatre classes at the Library.

The other day, Jessica called and said,

“I realize that the only thing stopping me from doing anything ever is ME!”