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Vic+Co. – Lizzy

Because of Victoria Buda’s Being Me Program, that dream play became a reality. 

Eight weeks ago I set a goal to write an entire full-length play. I have had the idea for this particular play for several months, but it was always something that I wanted to do at some point in the future. It was never a reality because I never made it a reality, it was just a dream which I concluded I would get around to eventually. Because of Victoria Buda’s Being Me Program, that dream play became a reality.

I can say with full confidence that it would have remained on the back burner,

forever destined to be written whenever I decided to get around to it. I not only wrote this play in its entirety, I also had a cold reading with actors and a director, I created several writing exercises of my own, and I became set in a writing routine that I had never previously thought of.

Because of the Being Me Program…

I was able to do all of this on my own. Now that the program is over, I am planning to workshop my new play within the next month, I am starting to write a new play, and…

I am able to confidently say that I am a writer.

I will forever be thankful that I participated in this program. I learned skills, techniques, and healthy mindsets that I can apply to every aspect of my life.


Update on Lizzy Post Being Me Program:

Victoria Buda’s theatre company Drama Room produced a full staged reading of Lizzy’s play at the Opera House in Lewiston, NY. After a 24 hour rehearsal period, an audience sat and laughed, cried and applauded the characters and the story Lizzy had written.