The Company.

Vic+Co. – Rachel

I am someone now because of this program, I never knew I could be. I am forever altered by the changes that have occurred within me, and every work I do that follows this, will be because of the incredible journey that I have been on. I thought I didn’t need it. But I’ve never needed anything more. I owe my future happiness to the effectiveness of this program. Everything that I am, everything that has been flowing inside of me has a chance now. I have become who I am meant to be. I have discovered a part of me that had once been lost, a hole that has now been filled. Someone I had forgotten has been given new breath. This program has brought me to life again.

To have Victoria Buda in my life…

…is like having ray of sunshine constantly shining through my window, a sign of hope that sees my path as a winding road leading to growth, even when I feel like the boulevard is going nowhere, and I can’t find my GPS.

Every creative idea I’ve ever come to her with has been nurtured and supported, helping it to grow in her knowing that each of our singular creations is an expansion of a part of ourselves that needs to be expressed and released. Through working with her I have been allowed to free the parts of myself that I have at one time tried to hide.

My “me” ness, my differences.

I have practiced accepting myself and loving all of the parts of me, and being brave enough to show them has given me the love that I need to, in turn, support others in being their most authentic selves. We’re all different for a reason. Unique and special, with something to offer this world that no one else has. She has planted the seeds and given me the tools to, every day, be unapologetically me, and that’s exactly what I’m doing.

just Being Me!