The Company.

Vic+Co. – Sam

I remember when I told Vic I missed writing, she told me “Then write, I’ll read it.”

 I remember telling Vic I really missed improv and wished I could do it still, she told me,

“Then start an improve troupe, I’ll help.”

I remember the first time we met, when I told Vic I wanted to play a role in a certain way.  She said,

“Try it and if it works, we’ll do it that way.”

 I think she may have regretted saying that last one because she then had to contend with every wacky idea for a character that popped into my head, but I think these moments are emblematic of the type of person Vic is and the way she looks at life.

Well before she was making a movement about it,Vic was fighting the “justs” in our lives…

…the little voices in our heads that say we’re not good enough or I could never do that or I’m embarrassed of what people will think.  Vic has constantly pushed me not to want or think about or wish but to do.  She understands that life is short and the only way to achieve what you want is to take action every action, even the smallest action towards your goals.  She understands that life is trying it and seeing what works, not worrying about the stumbles along the way because they are part of the journey.  Vic has pushed me to stop putting off the things I want to do and to find confidence in myself to do everything I am capable of doing.  

She gives everyone around a safe space to believe in who they are and what they do, and she is a constant advocate that you are more than you believe you are and the things you do mean more than you think they do.

So thank you Vic, for being a true friend, a wonderful mentor, for letting us all try and when we stumble being there to put us on our feet again.  Oh and for letting me swear at Drama Room.  Because I did that a shit ton and I’m so fucking sorry.