We’re Open!

Welcome to the party!

My Weekend Mission: For all my friends out there and all the people getting to know me for the first time, to TAKE OVER social media this weekend with kindness + courage to self. 

From today until Monday, join us in not beating yourself up in your own head! We’re all going to be conscious of our thoughts we’re thinking about ourselves. Let’s trade our self-sabotaging smack down this weekend for courage and kindness.

This looks like speaking up when you want to say something, not thinking what you just did was stupid, not putting yourself down, accepting compliments, giving yourself respect and honor all weekend long.

Courage and kindness. She’s there. And he is right around the corner. Let’s invite these two to the party and as my fave writer Liz Gilbert says, tell fear to go take a nap. We’ve got this right now. It’s one weekend. We promise you fear you can come back {just} not today. Or Saturday. Or Sunday. Or Monday. Courage + Kindness + Curiosity+ Play (oh play, remrebr her! He’s beautiful!) are taking over this weekend on social media. A space that is crying for all of us to show up as our best selves.

Loud + Strong. Together + Kind. Because when we lift ourselves, we lift others.

Now that’s a movement.